2020-2021 Board of Directors

Below is listed the Four Township Water Resources Council Board of Directors and Officers, effective from July, 2020 to July, 2021. After each name is noted the year their current term ends.

Steve Allen 2022 (President)
Richland Township resident

Ken Kornheiser 2021 (Vice President)
Prairieville Township resident

Robin Byrn 2023 (Secretary)
Barry Township resident

Rich Mather 2021 (Treasurer)
Richland Township resident

Mike Gallagher 2021 (At-large Executive Committee member)
Richland Township resident

Matt Diana 2023
R0ss Township resident, MDNR Fisheries Biologist

Trey Eldridge 2022
Richland Township Board of Trustees

Kevin Louden 2023
Prairieville Township resident

Linda Shierlaw 2023
Gull Lake Quality Organization

Julie Smith 2023
Richland Township resident

James Stoneburner 2023
Prarieville Township Supervisor

Emily Wilke 2021
Prairieville Township resident, SWMLC Resource Protection Specialist